Kismet. What chance does one stand in dismissing one’s destiny? Years ago Alissa knocked on my studio door with a resume in hand, applying for a photo assistant job I had advertised. There were already 10 applications on my desk.

I told her, “The deadline was yesterday.”

Little did I know in that moment that the job was already hers and that it would be in my best interest not to oppose this charming force of nature.

Alissa assisted me for almost 5 years, providing indispensable help and logistics for weddings, art projects, and editorial fashion shoots. I enjoyed getting to know her and the passions, interests, and unflagging energy that propelled her.

Eventually, she embraced destiny with another job. And, on a completely unrelated adventure, met Reece. He is a perfect counterpoint for Alissa.

Now based in Australia, they returned to celebrate their wedding in Bellingham and decided to extend the adventure with a couples adventure session up at one of my most cherished places on the planet, Artist Point near Mount Baker.

Sidenote: the dress was Alissa’s mother’s dress.