Since 2004 I’ve been collaborating with Bella. I first noticed her at the Procession of the Species parade. She was a little squawking bird with a paper beak and poster-painted wings. Feathers were woven into her hair at odd angles giving the impression she had just burst from the shell and no one had smoothed her down yet. I decided she was TOO cute and I needed a picture. I asked her mother if I could take Bella’s picture and when the little peep turned to face the camera, I stopped. This little girl had such confidence and self assurance. I wasn’t used to that in someone so young.  She looked deep into the lens with complete innocence and a lack of any self consciousness. I was captivated.

I asked if I could photograph her again on another occasion. Which I did, again and again, over the next 10+ years. I’ve had the great fortune to work with Bella on many shoots. Some shoots were concept-driven, which she took to naturally. On other occasions I was able to capture her family as well. I’ve grown fond of Bella and have appreciated this extraordinary opportunity to document slices of her life.

These images are highlights from our first meeting 12 years ago to the most recent images from her senior portrait session.

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