On the Ganges

April 28, 2008

The atmosphere over the Ganges in the morning just before sunset is amazing– it’s like alpenglow that envelops you. I never saw the sun crest the horizon; it simply burned through as soon as it was high enough and strong enough to do so.

One morning I took a ride with a fisherman and his daughter. He fished the Ganges at night and returned home in the morning to see his 3 daughters off to school. They were extremely gracious, inviting me into their home after our time on the water.

Her name is Bandana (pronounced BAHN da na) and she supports the family by selling candle offerings every morning before school (you can see them in the basket beside her.) Pilgrims purchase the small flower-filled bowls, light the candle, and send it down the river as an offering.

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